Karagöz Taha


Thesis title: "The problem of individuation in Aristotle. Unity, movement and rest"

Supervisor: David Lefebvre

First inscription 2020

This project aims to examine the question of unity in Aristotle through the concepts of motion and rest. We are interested in reviving this classical question by renewing the approach on two points: (i) by approaching it from the psychological and epistemological side, that of access to sensible phenomena and universal notions; (ii) by abandoning the terms of the alternative in which the question has remained trapped (is it from form or matter that the compound substance derives its unity?) in order to bring into play in the question of unity the motion, rest and immobility that characterize the sensible substance. After having treated the answers brought by Aristotle to the question of the access by the soul to the unity of the sensible and the universal, we will explore the question of the unity of substances.

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