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This collection of testimonia was created by Gérard Journée during postdoctoral stays at the Léon Robin Centre. Placita aims to bring together in a computer database the text of sources relating to so-called pre-Socratic or pre-Platonic philosophers.



  • Greek font converter
Multiple polytonic Greek fonts exist. Nowadays, Unicode encoding allows for easier use: instead of obtaining and installing TrueType fonts containing only Greek characters (Graeca II, Spionic, Odyssea, etc.), Unicode encoding allows typing in Greek, for example with the Times font by means of a simple keyboard switch. The advantage of Unicode also lies in the exchange of files between different operating systems (Windows, OS, …) without any problem.

There are tools for converting Greek fonts. See for example the site devoted to the font converter created by David-Artur Daix. This converter allows you to transform a TrueType font into a Unicode font, and conversely a Unicode font into a TrueType font.


  • Ancient Greek keyboard layout (AZERTY keyboard, Windows)

Adrien Lecerf has created a keyboard layout for the Windows operating system allowing one to switch easily from Latin alphabet input to Greek alphabet input. All characters useful for Ancient Greek are covered, including combinations of a breathing and an accent, the iota subscript, as well as Archaic characters, the trema and the numerical sign (keraia). The archive containing the layout can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, or at this address.

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